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James D. Kondopulos

Red Flags and Practical Pointers (1.5 CHRP Points)

What to do and not to do as an employer

Teresa Comey

Mentoring 101 (2.5 CHRP Credits)

Preparation & Tools for Success

Deirdre Pickerell

Career Engagement (2.0 CHRP Credits)

Maximizing Individual & Organizational Success

Chris Edgelow

Navigating Change (2.0 CHRP Points)

David Berrington

Hiring Immigrant Talent (3.0 CHRP Credits)

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What is on the PD-Ondemand?

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Courses are a combination of video, presentations, downloadable exercises and quizzes.

Ranging from 30 to 120 mins

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Webinars are on-demand and pre-recorded that consist of slideshow presentations with audio

Approx. 90 mins

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All courses and webinars are HRMA accredited and CHRP points approved